The Movies Superstar Edition (Download): 15,50 Euro (15,99 Euro)
The Movies Superstar Edition (Box): 15,99 Euro
The Movies: Stunts & Spezialeffekte (Box): 19,99 Euro
The Movies: Stunts & Spezialeffekte (Box): 19,99 Euro
The Movies (Box): 24,95 Euro



  • DVD-Laufwerk
  • Mac OS X 10.4.0
  • 1.7GHz G4
  • 1GB HD
  • 512MB RAM
Dies ist ein Erweiterungspack. Das Spiel The Movies für den Mac wird benötigt.


Achtung: Läuft nicht unter macOS 10.15 (Catalina) und neuer


Bewertung: 4,5/6 - "(...) Wen vor allem das individuelle Gestalten der Filmszenen am Hauptspiel begeistert hat, sollte sich die Erweiterung auf alle Fälle zulegen. Mit den neuen Funktionen, wie der beweglichen Kamera und den vielen Spezialeffekten, mit denen man sich die Filme aufpeppen kann, wird hier treffsicher für helle Begeisterung gesorgt. (...)" - MAC LIFE 09/2009

Die Windowsversion von The Movies: Stunts + Effects erhielt in der Fachpresse eine durchschnittliche Bewertung von 78% . Unten finden Sie einige Beispiele der besten Beurteilungen.

Sehen Sie bei nach und/oder bei - jede Menge weiterer Besprechungen.

PC Zone UK (84%)
"With new scenes and sets, such as blue-screens and miniature cities (for your highly original 'Nodzilla' and 'Codependence Day' movies), as well as the ability to control the camera's positioning within a scene (which greatly increases freedom of creativity), along with new costumes, effects and a bunch of fancy camera overlays like night vision and raindrops, The Movies: Stunts and Effects is an essential addition and should not be missed by fans of the original."

Total Video Games (90%)
"For the few dozens that purchased one of the most creative and unique titles of 2005, Stunts and Effects is an absolutely essential expansion that dwarves other packs in comparison; for the thousands of PC gamers who looked past it, perhaps this is an opportunity to go back and discover a game that should be in everybody's collection."

Game Chronicles (88%)
"The Movies: Stunts and Effects is a great addition to an already stellar title. The new features only add to the immense fun-factor and "sandbox" feel you reap from this game."

IGN (80%)
"All of the additional creative sets, scenes, and the rest are certainly going to appeal to any movie maker. The same goes for the addition of the free-camera system and nifty new special effects."

Ace Gamez (80%)
"It seamlessly adds another dimension to the gameplay while piling even more ingredients into the blender. The addition of explosions and helicopter stunts give yet more hours of enjoyment too, for anyone who's daredevil enough to pick it up."


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