DTM Race Driver 3 (Box): 40,00 Euro



  • DVD-Laufwerk
  • Mac OS X 10.4.8
  • 1.8GHz Intel Mac Core Duo
  • 9GB HD
  • 512MB RAM
  • 3D-Grafikkarte
Läuft nicht auf Intel-GMA-Chipsatzgrafik


Achtung: Läuft nicht unter macOS 10.15 (Catalina) und neuer


GameStar 10.2.06: "Bis auf kleinere Realismuskompromisse (nur einer statt zwei Pflicht-Boxenstopps) stimmt nahezu alles - von den Originalstrecken über die Flaggenregeln bis zur Superpole. Nicht zu vergessen das Sahnehäubchen: 59 weitere Meisterschaften und das bislang abwechslungsreichste PC-Rennspiel. »Schreibt Rennspiel-Geschichte«. Fazit: Enorm abwechslungsreiche Rennspiel-Offenbarung. Wertung "Sehr gut", 87%.

PC Games 4/06: "Mehr Motorsport geht nicht: DTM Race Driver 3 schreibt auch ohne kitschigen Storymodus Geschichte - dem unglaublichen Spielumfang sei Dank." Wertung 89%.

GameSpot (8.5/10): "Let's face it, thanks to Codemasters spectacularly managing to squeeze an entire sporting genre onto one DVD, as well as the ability to take your skills online should you finish the mass of races on offer, there's some serious miles to rack up before tiring this game out."

Total Video Games (8.5/10): "TOCA 3 boasts an awesome variety of racing disciplines, and it backs that boast up with some really excellent driving mechanics."

Total Video Games (8/10): "Improvements in the level of detail on offer from the damage modelling to the multi-layered audio, continue to present the game with ever greater realism, and no-one could ever accuse the developers of a lack of variety in the vehicles."

Edge Magazine (8/10): "Race Driver 3 understands that a processional win from pole is less fulfilling than a hard-fought, championship-saving fifth place from the back of the grid. And though it can't exactly engineer those situations, it does everything in its power to make them more likely and leave them unpunished."


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